You can use the Business Canvas Model to describe, design, and challenge your business model.

Are you looking to start a new business? Launch new products and/or services? Revamp your existing business model?

The Business Model Canvas is a global standard used by millions of business leaders in companies of all sizes. It utilizes a strategic template for developing new or documenting existing business areas.

In a nutshell the Business Model Canvas:

1. Improves focus and execution.

2. Is visual, practical, and intuitive.

3. Provides a venue for structured and practical outcomes.

Develop a blueprint for your entrepreneurial success! For more information:

– Check out the Business Canvas Webinar With ONB Rivers Corbett on YouTube.

– Check out Canvanizer to create your own canvas.

– Check out Strategyzer for even more resources.

– Look for business ideas/insights from Entrepreneur.

– How about a nice PDF version of the Business Canvas Model or the PDF Business Canvas Model Cheat