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Cornerstone Co-operative Housing LTd

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Cornerstone Co-operative Housing is looking for a few good families that strive on family living in a close-knit community where neighbor helps neighbor and you are not a stranger.

Cornerstone Co-operative Housing Ltd. was started in 1981/1982.
There are over 330 people living in 109 Town Houses which consists of 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms. Cornerstone is located on Crestwood Dr (1), Ayre Ave (6) and the rest of the units are located on Preston Crescent.


Event Hall

Our Large meeting room is 36-foot wide x 39 1/2 foot long. This equals 1425.6 square feet of space and can accommodate 100 to 120 comfortably.

Our small meeting room (can and is used for Board Meetings) is 15 feet 7 inches wide x 39 1/2 foot long. This equals 621.7 square feet. It also has a Separate Entrance if needed. This room can accommodate 15 to 20 comfortably.

We offer a fully operational Kitchen, washrooms (child-friendly) and a parking area.

Cornerstone Co-operative Housing

Emotional Fitness Academy

Emotional Fitness Academy

The Emotional Fitness Approach is fully client led, focused, centered and driven. The individual identifies what coaching support would be most helpful. Sessions or programs are then created to meet the client’s identified needs.

How It Started

It was through Warren Redman’s experience of being listened to by Eugene Heimler, a survivor of the Auschwitz Concentration Camp,. This led to Warren developing the Emotional Fitness Approach and tools of Emotional Fitness. These tools have been delivered for over 35 years in the UK and Canada.

What We See

In 2007, following the renaming of the Centre for Inner Balancing to the Emotional Fitness Institute, a vision was developed. This vision was transitioned to  Emotioanl Fitness in the summer of 2016.

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Emotional Fitness Academy