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Cornerstone Co-operative Housing is looking for a few good families that strive on family living in a close-knit community where neighbor helps neighbor and you are not a stranger.

Cornerstone Co-operative Housing Ltd. was started in 1981/1982.
There are over 330 people living in 109 Town Houses which consists of 2, 3, and 4 bedrooms. Cornerstone is located on Crestwood Dr (1), Ayre Ave (6) and the rest of the units are located on Preston Crescent.


Event Hall

Our Large meeting room is 36-foot wide x 39 1/2 foot long. This equals 1425.6 square feet of space and can accommodate 100 to 120 comfortably.

Our small meeting room (can and is used for Board Meetings) is 15 feet 7 inches wide x 39 1/2 foot long. This equals 621.7 square feet. It also has a Separate Entrance if needed. This room can accommodate 15 to 20 comfortably.

We offer a fully operational Kitchen, washrooms (child-friendly) and a parking area.

Cornerstone Co-operative Housing