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Agatsu Atlantic

This is a movement towards self-mastery
If you’re looking for the most dynamic and thoughtful training in fitness today, you’ve come to the right place. Agatsu offers a variety of training and continuing education options for all kinds of athletes – from the professional fitness trainer to the total newcomer.
We are best known for our kettlebell, bodyweight, and mobility-focused training. We use any tool that gets the job done: maces, clubs, gymnastics rings, and more. You’ll learn to jump, throw, climb, roll, fall, tumble, lift heavy things, and move with purpose. And to do all that with confidence and stability, not fear or pain.
Masakatsu agatsu translates as “True victory is victory over oneself.” Agatsu refers to this idea of self-mastery. This is “beginner’s mind” – maintaining humility, always learning and refining as a student.

Agatsu is a lifestyle of self-betterment, brought about through mindful physical practice and skill development.


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October 5, 2019