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Send Free Fax Online to the U.S. and Canada!
GotFreeFax one of the best online fax services around.
GotFreeFax offers a few different pricing options. But the most useful, you can send up to two faxes per day absolutely free as long as they’re less than three pages each. Note that free faxes are limited to recipients in the US and Canada. Plus GotFreeFax doesn’t add any ads or branding to your cover page, even when sending free faxes.

Small Business Heroes Campaign

Small Business Heroes Campaign

It’s been an incredibly hard year and even though things may be looking up, we know that doesn’t erase the hurt, loss, and challenges that small businesses and entrepreneurs have felt.

We know we can’t undo that. Like Superheroes, entrepreneurs dream big and take risks. They are courageous, brave, resilient, and they don’t give up! This initiative is led by Startup Canada Communities to recognize small businesses.

All you need to do is fill in this form to nominate a local business you feel is most deserving of recognition and a wonderful gift.

The five nominees with the most votes will be chosen as the winners. StartUp Moncton will announce the winners on July 5th and will deliver a gift baskets made with local products to these local businesses.

Nominate your favorite local business below!

Small Business Heroes Campaign

Guide To Government Programs

Startup Canada and Innovation Canada are thrilled to be partnering to provide our Community Leaders with helpful resources to support your entrepreneurial ecosystem. I’d like to introduce you to Kate Poirier, the Director of Marketing and Outreach, and Christina McDonald, the Manager of Marketing and Outreach at Innovation Canada (CC’d here). A number of our Leaders participated in the “Your Inside Guide to Government” Webinar in December with Kate and Christina, and we are delighted to provide you with more information about the platform to share with the members of your Startup Community.

  • The platform:  – an easy one-stop-shop where you can find all the federal, provincial and territorial programs – plus a few non-profits too – available to help you achieve your business goals. Get a tailored list of programs for your needs in under 2 minutes, and save your details to get notified if anything new comes up.
  • Background: A little more information about Innovation Canada programs, including how to reach them (hint: give them a call at 1-833-201-4358 and they can put you in touch when you are ready). Attached you’ll also find a brief article outlining the available services.